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Phoenix Drone Services

Seattle Drone Roof Inspection Companies

Building & Roof Inspection

commercial & residential inspection & maintenance

Drone Inspection Pilot Seattle

Infrastructure Inspection

bridge, pipeline, power grid and cell broadcast towers

Seattle Drone Aerial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate

residential and commercial – sales, view studies, pre-sale

Seattle Tourism


resort, golf, attraction, destination marketing

Seattle Drone Construction Aerial Photography Service


project management, volumetrics, safety, finance

Seattle Drone Surveying & Mapping

Surveying / Mapping

topographic surveys, large area mapping

Drone Precision Agriculture Service


NDVI crop health, irrigation analysis, golf turf management

Seattle Drone Wedding Event Aerial Photography

Events, Weddings

outdoor weddings, sports & corporate events

Professional Phoenix Drone Pilots for Hire

Nadar offers Professional Drone Services throughout the United States with professional FAA Part 107 Pilots providing services to both small and large clients.  We are based in Seattle, Washington with pilots around the United States. We offer 24-hour emergency service in Washington State. We can provide drone services for multi-day engagements worldwide.  We are a drone service company that produces high-quality results with unsurpassed customer service.

Phoenix Drone Company

Phoenix Drone Laws

Phoenix does not have any city-specific drone laws as they are prohibited from having any due to State law.  Instead, it follows FAA regulations and the State Law which states drones cannot interfere with Public Safety operations.  It classifies flying a drone dangerously close to people as “Disorderly Conduct.”  Drones cannot fly within 500 feet horizontally and 250 feet vertically of any critical facility.


We frequently get interest from people looking for advice on starting a drone business in other parts of the world.  As a result we have put together an article Starting A Drone Business which is designed to give the drone enthusiast a general idea of some of the considerations.


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