Construction Project Management

Nadar is the area’s premier provider of aerial imaging services to the construction and real estate development industry.  We partner with companies to leverage drone technology for maximum benefits such as:


  • Winning more jobs through valuable aerial imaging that can be used in the pre-planning, proposal writing and presentation phase of projects.
  • Survey job site conditions for logistics planning and improved project estimation.
  • Improve owner visibility and expedite approval during financing stages.
  • Monitor work progress and manage assets more efficiently.
  • Make distance and volume calculations of large areas
  • Identify defects more easily and quickly including in hard to reach places, minimizing the necessity for rework.
  • Improve safety and mitigate litigation by monitoring and documenting site conditions for potential hazards.
From taking the big picture above to improving the efficiency and safety in any construction site or business, drones provide a remarkable way to ensure that your construction project is always the best it can be.  The project team will have the visual history of the construction and excavation progress. For clients who can’t afford to come to the site regularly, drones can be an innovative way to show them the process of the renovation, building or inspection.

Nadar enjoys working with a variety of companies in the construction and development spaces such as.

SKANSKA Construction - Drone Services
Drone Real Estate Developer