Drone Solar Panel Inspection & Roof Install Mapping

Drone Solar Panel Farm Inspection

Installation Design

We provide 3D topography mapping for solar farm design which can be done in a matter of days not weeks for large areas.  In addition we can also provide visual and 3D roof mapping with accurate measurements for roof installation design delivered as a 3D CAD file.


We provide full services related to inspection and installation planning for solar installations. Our thermal and visible imaging is used to generate analytics reports for solar panels installations of all sizes. From large solar farms to roof installations. We can provide summary reports identifying offline Inverters and Combiners, Anomalous Strings, Tracker Off Alignment or in Stow, and Module Level Faults affecting the entire module’s performance. Our more advanced reporting includes diode faults, cell and multi-cell defects, and faulty junction box. Suspected PID, shading issues due to tree lines, obstructions, or adjacent rows, and damage to rows and tables.

Drone Roof Mapping 3D Solar CAD