Precision Agriculture & Turf

Drone Aerial Surveying and Mapping Photography Topographic 3D

We provide complete Drone Precision Agriculture services including RGB, Thermal IR, and NDVI imaging.  Inefficiency and inaccuracy in monitoring large crop fields are significant obstacles in the farming industry.  Our services provide benefits in both of those areas.  Problems with crop health can be identified and therefore resolved more quickly to prevent or minimize damage and maximize yield.


  • Quick topographic land contour surveys provide data for irrigation design
  • Identify specific locations of plant health issues early such as fungal and pest infestations
  • Spot issues with irrigation coverage and locations of leaks
  • Improve crop load estimates to make better fruit thinning and other management decisions

Drone Aerial Photography & Video is an indispensable tool for Golf Course Grounds Managers to more efficiently maintain better course turf conditions.  Drones can provide high resolution images of an entire course in a fraction of the time it takes to otherwise evaluate turf conditions and issues.

Drone Golf Course Aerial Turf Management Photography