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Oklahoma City Drone Services

Oklahoma City Drone Company

Building & Roof Inspection

commercial & residential inspection & maintenance

Drone Inspection Pilot

Infrastructure Inspection

bridge, pipeline, power grid and cell broadcast towers

Drone Aerial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate

residential and commercial – sales, view studies, pre-sale

Drone Videography Tourism


resort, golf, attraction, destination marketing

Drone Construction Aerial Photography Service


project management, volumetrics, safety, finance

Drone Surveying & Mapping

Surveying / Mapping

topographic surveys, large area mapping

Drone Precision Agriculture Service

UAV Precision Agriculture

NDVI crop health, irrigation analysis, golf turf management

Seattle Drone Wedding Event Aerial Photography

Drone Events, Weddings

outdoor weddings, sports & corporate events

Oklahoma City Drone Pilots

Nadar is the premier Lincoln Drone services provider for Commerical and Residential Real Estate Advertising, Construction Management, Architectural & Engineering Design, Land Surveying & Mapping, Event/Wedding Coverage, and Precision Agriculture. We are FAA Part 107 Certified and all of our Drone pilots are covered by a minimum $1 Million insurance policy. Browse our service details or contact us using the form below.

Oklahoma City Drone Services Company

Oklahoma City Drone Laws

Oklahoma State prohibits the operation of drones within 400 feet of critical infrastructure.  The state also allows property owners to shoot down drones without penalty.

More About Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is partly known for its energy companies. But in recent years has diversified to include more information technology and health service companies. Oklahoma City is located in the middle of tornado alley.


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