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Las Vegas Drone Services

Las Vegas Drone Roof Inspection Companies

Building & Roof Inspection

commercial & residential inspection & maintenance

Drone Inspection Pilot Las Vegas

Infrastructure Inspection

bridge, pipeline, power grid and cell broadcast towers

Las Vegas Drone Aerial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate

residential and commercial – sales, view studies, pre-sale

Drone Videography Tourism Las Vegas

Drone Videography Tourism

resort, golf, attraction, destination marketing

Las Vegas Drone Construction Aerial Photography Service


project management, volumetrics, safety, finance

Drone Surveying & Mapping Las Vegas

Surveying / Mapping

topographic surveys, large area mapping

Las Vegas Drone Precision Agriculture Service

Precision Agriculture

NDVI crop health, irrigation analysis, golf turf management

Drone Wedding Event Aerial Photography Las Vegas

Drone Events, Weddings

outdoor weddings, sports & corporate events

Professional & Reliable Las Vegas Drone Pilots

Nadar is the premier Las Vegas Drone services provider for Commerical and Residential Real Estate Advertising, Construction Management, Architectural & Engineering Design, Land Surveying & Mapping, Event/Wedding Coverage, and Precision Agriculture. We are FAA Part 107 Certified and all of our Bellevue pilots are covered by a minimum $1 Million insurance policy. Browse our service details or contact us using the form below.

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Las Vegas Drone Laws

The Nevada state legislature has enacted AB 239 which prohibits the weaponizing of drones and use of drones over critical infrastructure facilities.  The law also covers the acceptable use of drones by law enforcement agencies. At this time there are no additional city ordinances covering drone laws but it is safe to assume that you should not fly close to private residences without permission of the property owner to avoid invasion of privacy issues.

“Critical facility” means a petroleum refinery, a petroleum or chemical production, transportation, storage or processing facility, a chemical manufacturing facility, a pipeline and any appurtenance thereto, a wastewater treatment facility, a water treatment facility, a mine as that term is defined in NRS 512.006, a power generating station, plant or substation and any appurtenances thereto, any transmission line that is owned in whole or in part by an electric utility as that term is defined in subsection 5 of NRS 704.187, a county, city or town jail or
detention facility and any prison, facility or institution under the control of the Department of Corrections. The term does not include any facility or infrastructure of a utility that is located underground.

About Las Vegas

A Mexican Scout named Rafael Rivera is said to be the first non-Native American to enter the valley known as Las Vegas (Spanish for “the meadows”) in the year 1829. In 1844 John Fremont wrote about the area, helping to lure pioneers to its desert spring waters, in fact, Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas is named after him. Although Las Vegas was founded as a city in 1905, the year 1931 proved to be its most pivotal year as that was when Nevada legalized casino gambling and reduced residency requirements for divorce to six weeks. For more information see the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

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