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Dallas Drone Services

Dallas Drone Company Roof Inspection

Building & Roof Inspection

commercial & residential inspection & maintenance

Drone Inspection Pilot

Infrastructure Inspection

bridge, pipeline, power grid and cell broadcast towers

Drone Aerial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate

residential and commercial – sales, view studies, pre-sale

Drone Videography Tourism


resort, golf, attraction, destination marketing

Dallas Drone Construction Aerial Photography Service


project management, volumetrics, safety, finance

Drone Surveying & Mapping Dallas

Surveying / Mapping

topographic surveys, large area mapping

Dallas Drone Precision Agriculture Service

Precision Agriculture

NDVI crop health, irrigation analysis, golf turf management

Drone Wedding Event Aerial Photography Dallas

Drone Events, Weddings

outdoor weddings, sports & corporate events

Professional, Technical & Reliable Pilots for Hire

Nadar is the premier Drone services provider in the Dallas – Fort Worth, and Arlington areas. We provide imaging services for Construction Management, Commerical and Residential Real Estate Advertising, Architectural & Engineering Design, Land Surveying & Mapping, Event/Wedding Coverage, and Precision Agriculture. We are FAA Part 107 Certified and all of our Dallas pilots are covered by a minimum $1 Million insurance policy. Browse our service details or contact us using the form below.

Dallas Drone Laws

Texas has one of the more stringent Drone Laws compared to other states. Sec 423.0045 prohibits drones from being operated over “Critical Infrastructure Facilities” without the permission of the facility. Sec. 423.002. basically requires that if the government is capturing images of real property for whatever purpose that either must have permission from the owner of such property, or have a search warrant.  Interestingly, the State Law also prohibits local governments from making their own drone laws except during special events.

About Dallas

Dallas is the most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, which is the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States. Dallas recorded the highest net domestic migration in the country . Dallas is surrounded by many suburbs; three enclaves are within the city boundaries—Cockrell Hill, Highland Park, and University Park. Dallas and its surrounding area are mostly flat. Dallas has a humid subtropical climate. Dallas’ population was historically predominantly white. Dallas is a major destination for Mexican immigrants. The Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex has an estimated 70,000 Russian-speakers. It has the sixth largest lesbian, LGBT population in the nation, Dallas is called “Prison Ministry Capital of the World” by prison ministry community. It is a home for International Network of Prison Ministries. The Dallas-Fort Worth MSA has one of the largest concentrations of corporate headquarters for publicly traded companies in the United States. It is home to the second shopping center ever built in the United States. Dallas ranked No. 13 on its list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. Dallas is known for its barbecue, authentic Mexican, and Tex-Mex cuisine.

For more information on commerce see The Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

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